About Learners Zone

Learners Zone, an educational institution specializes in offering high-quality Job ‎Oriented Courses. It has been offering educational services to the students‎ preparing for the Competitive exams. We provide best classes for BANK ‎PO/CLERK, SSC/RLY, CAT, UPSC /BPSC & CLAT through RANKERS' &‎ACHIEVERS' batches.Each educational programme we offer is of the highest ‎possible standards to create a learning environment in order to promote great ‎career. The institute imparts comprehensive training-cum-guidance program which ‎cover all the stages of Competitive exams including Interview. It has a strong ‎alumni based spread all over the country.

Learners Zone is committed to its vision of creating thinking professional ‎order. Our plans have started taking shape in creating and enduring a sustainable ‎educational model for the vast majority of the society through defined and ‎structured courses. We believe in the process of reshaping the attitude of ‎students & giving them the opportunity to explore & rediscover themselves. All ‎these efforts are accomplished with the help of a highly qualified & dedicated team ‎of faculty. Learners Zone imparts its class-room training through many of its study ‎centres – in India,The air-conditioned class-rooms, cultural & co-curricular activities ‎and other such facilities offered by the Institute make it an institution in the true ‎sense.We always organise motivational classes to keep your spark alive. The ‎results of the past years stand a testimony to Learners Zone glorious ‎performance in guiding students in the Competitive exams. A number of Career ‎GradeUp students have successfully entered in Govt. sector with the help of the ‎training-cum-guidance program at the Institute. We are working for the success of ‎students and their success is our success.We believe in making student a Leader ‎of the future and our results fullfil our dreams into reality.‎




  Learners Zone Results

  Learners Zone Results